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We are internet publishers specialising in the online publication and promotion of business information and services.

More than clients

We have partners whom we work with to provide quality advertising opportunities for businesses.

More than an internet company

We are a serious business employing recognised experts in the fields of web development and content-authoring, expertise that we use to produce outstanding results.

Online Marketing
With years of experience in online marketing InfoActive's marketing team undertakes two roles:
  • The marketing of projects to ensure a positive ROI for us and our partners.
  • The creation of successful online advertising packages that produce qualified leads for advertisers as well as additional revenue for us and our partners.
Business Publishing
InfoActive Media have been publishing information online for the local and business market in the UK since 2003.
TownPages gives small local businesses internet coverage in a way that is new to many of them. Free to use, TownPages allows local people to find local companies, service providers and organizations even in small towns that are often overlooked or amalgamated into larger areas on other directories. The localisation of TownPages means that advertisers enjoy exposure at a level that is directly linked to their specific target market. Leads are from local people looking for providers and suppliers in their area, a win-win situation for both the advertiser and potential customer.
InfoActive Media also publish non-UK information online with a US corporate directory aimed at those looking for US business information as well as an online database of Australian exporters aimed at those wishing to import goods and services from Australia. assists international companies wishing to import goods and services by linking them directly to Australian companies that export. The information portal goes further however by actively encouraging Australian exporters to expand their operations as well as providing guidance, news and resources for Australian companies that are considering whether or not to export. As with all InfoActive products, the database is free to use and Australian exporters are welcome to submit and update their details at no cost. More Info
We have a number of other US and Australian based projects in development and would be happy to hear of any ideas for partnership from companies operating in or moving into the Asia-Pacific region.
Please feel free to contact us.

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